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At Naperville DUI School, we believe costly and lengthy treatment is not always necessary. Successful treatment is possible for most addictive individuals without removing them from their home or work. Through an intensive course of outpatient care, they are taught to adopt healthy alternative behaviors within their lifestyles.

This intensive course of outpatient care utilizes education, individual and group counseling and self-help support. Individuals and their family members are taught to develop a way of life that is dynamic, balanced and addiction free.


A main purpose of our Naperville DUI School is to provide alcohol and drug education, early intervention and substance abuse and addiction treatment services to the our Naperville, Wheaton, Warrenville, Lisle and DuPage County community. We offer a flexible array of programs and services designed around the changing needs of our clients and the community – from DUI programs to intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare.

We believe that chemical dependency is a pervasive illness that affects an individual’s entire life, including his or her physical, social, financial, emotional and family well-being. We also believe that it is the right of every individual to live a full and affirming life free of addiction

Naperville DUI School recognizes that there are many paths to recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Finally, Naperville DUI School does not discriminate in our hiring of staff or in our treatment of clients. We welcome clients of any sex, race, age, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.